Provides IT Solution that covers end to end application: this includes hardware and software implementation, customization, routine maintenance, as well as IT security solutions.

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ERP Implementation (with INTI ERP System)

INTI ERP System is a complete Web Based ERP software solution that provides the best solutions for many industrial business processes.

Custom Web Application Development

Our developers will help to choose the best technology for your project. We will deliver productive, engaging and reliable web solutions that bring you the business outcomes that you deserve.

Queue Management System (with INTI Queue System)

A product to eliminate the traditional physical queue and replace it with a convenient management. This project is designed to help the public who suffers from long queues in hospitals, especially the public hospitals.

Android Application Development

We build custom solutions that run seamlessly on all types of Android devices. We design the user interface, define a technology stack, develop a backend and frontend, integrate third-party services, and provide testing and support for your application.


Queue Management System

Queue management system installed at Emirates to guide customers at the counters where their ticket is called. The screen runs simultaneously with a live video feed and queue updates.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.

Customer Relationship And Human Resource Management System

  • Inti ERP

    CRM - Customer Relation

    - Outlet & Client Management
    - Marketing Call, Visit, Survey & Expenses
    - Client Balance Management
    - Automation Reporting

  • Inti HRM

    Balance Score Card

    - Target & Achievement
    - CAPA

  • Inti QUEUE

    Quality & Performance Management System

    - Customer Complaint
    - User Satisfaction Survey
    - Vendor Evaluation
    - Project Management
    - Internal Quality Audit
    - Quality Management Document


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